Now go to

See those 3 horizontal lines, click on it

After clicking on trending, click on gainers and losers

What on that page on the gainers list is that. The percentage rise for 24hrs is what you are shown. Vise versa

So, here's the trick

Instead of looking at 24hrs change, you need to focus on the 1hr change

So, click on 1hr and send the screenshot
Jaden Smartmindsempire Oluwashina

As you can see that these coins are just rising. So, pick any coin and watch how it will grow

For example, let's pick Ripple (XRP)

Another thing I want you to always look at is the volume trade.

If you look well, you'll see that the volume of XRP that has been traded in 24hrs is $431million dollars. So, that means its gonna be profitable in a while and if you invest in it quickly you can join the wagon of people that'll profit in it.

Let's see what ripple is doing before I explain the timing thing to you

It's not yet attained the 24hrs mark but has passed 1hr

Now lemme explain the 1hr and the 24hrs

Most coin that have enough volume and has been on a rise for at least 1hr has the potential to rise all through 24hrs.

So, all you have to do is to pick a coin that meets all the criteria and check if its on your preferred exchange.


For instance, you wanna trade a coin but you are not sure which coin to choose

Just go through the process I thought you until you get to the place where you see the top gainers and losers

Then check for a coin on the top gainers list and check if it has enough volume in 1hr and also check if the percentage growth is not much yet.

You click on the coin name

After that, you'll be taken to a page like this

Scroll down to where you see this


Click on market and you'll see all the exchangers that trade the coin you have chosen


You know 1day is also 24hrs. You can check if the coin you have chosen rises.

Just check if it moves up a lot.

If you see a coin that the chart doesn't show that it goes up, just leave it


You'll see 384.91 BTC.

What that means is that that's the amount of btc people have traded for that coin. So, as you are checking the volume and percentage growth, you should also check the amount of btc people are trading for the coin.

So, to your question, when you see on the chart that the coin doesn't make attempt to move up and its just flat, leave it.

So, what you need to do is to pick at least 2-3 coins. If possible write them down and the percentage growth they are currently on. So, watch to see how you understand what I just taught you.

You know you only have 1hr 1day and 7days.

So, since its has been rising for over 1hr but has not gotten to 24hrs, you won't see it until it rises for 24hrs

Always work with 1hr

You told me when i call you that 1 hour own last for 24hours

That let me always go for 1 hour own

I told you to always check 1hr growth. So If you don't see a coin in 1hr and you find it in 24hrs, that means its possible for the coin anytime because it has grown for 24hrs.

But if you find a coin in 1hr and you are sure you have followed the procedure I showed you, if you invest in the coin, its possible for it to rise for a couple of hours and you'll make profit


Now its time for

Click on signals and login


You'll see open signals

Pick any coin from there

Scroll down a bit and click on chart


Jaden Smartmindsempire Oluwashina


Jaden Smartmindsempire Oluwashina


See the bottom of the chart?

Click on the coin name


Now scroll to where you see a guage

Lemme show you

Click on show more

The signal you are seeing is in 4hrs. So, that's the analysis for 4hrs.

You can change to 1hr or 15mins if you wish

When a coin you pick is on strong buy on at least 2, it means you can buy and trade for quick profit

another way out again

Go to

Click on crypto

When you click on crypto, you'll see something like this


Jaden Smartmindsempire Oluwashina


Jaden Smartmindsempire Oluwashina


See that box that I marked, click it

This is the bottom slider area. You can edit this text and also insert any element here. This is a good place if you want to put an opt-in form or a scarcity countdown.